January Founder's Note: New Year, New Site

For many of you, you’ve already heard our founding story. This is our intention:

  1. We want to help those who are paying out-of-pocket for ostomy supplies.
  2. We want to encourage ostomates to live freely with confidence.
  3. We want to build a stronger connection with the ostomy community.

Creating this site has made it easier for people to find donated ostomy supplies. And to my surprise, it immediately reached more people than I could have imagined. To be completely transparent, I don't have enough funds to cover all of the expenses for Kindred Box. But I trust that if we give it our all, remain true to our purpose, and most importantly keep asking for help, donations will follow.

Here are the kind people who donated ostomy supplies this month: 

  1. Amber Wallace of Ostomy Diaries
  2. Annette French-Bearden
  3. Nu-Hope Laboratories

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts and any feedback you may have to make Kindred Box better for everyone.

All my best,