How do I request ostomy supplies?

Please submit a request by email by clicking HERE.

Are the supplies really FREE?

Yes. We don’t charge a penny for all of the generous ostomy supplies donated to Kindred Box. You’ll only pay nominal shipping and handling costs.

How do I pay for shipping & handling?

Use the links below to pay by credit card, PayPal, or GPay.

$25 - medium box (10 pouches)

$50 - large box (20 pouches)

What products are available?

All of the supplies are donated, so what’s available is changing all the time. There’s no guarantee we’ll have a specific item you’re looking for, however we might have something similar that could work.

Are there restrictions on how many boxes I’m allowed to request?

Yes. One box per month.

In what condition are the donated items?

The ostomy supplies you receive from Kindred Box may be different from the products you have used in the past. We make sure the products are kept in a climate-controlled facility until they’re ready to be mailed out, however, we don’t know how they were stored prior to receiving them. Please be aware that certain supplies can be damaged if stored at temperatures exceeding those recommended by the manufacturer. Some of the items could even be expired. Therefore, we encourage you to examine and test each product before using it.

How will the supplies be shipped?

Shipping is through USPS. Your box should arrive between 4-7 days from the time your payment is received and processed.

Are there restrictions on how I can use supplies received from Kindred Box?

The ostomy supplies you receive from Kindred Box must be used by an ostomate in need of assistance. They cannot be sold, bartered or exchanged.